Munchkin Gloom

$ 29.95

Join the characters Shinolas, Shadowhoof, Rex, Professor Hogwash, Friar Tock, Phantom, Pam, Cronut, Holly and more in this hilarious blend of two very popular games. The world of Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games) joins Gloom Card Game (atlas Games) for an all new, exciting, fun-loving game. Clear plastic cards portray the munchkins and detail their mishaps. When stacked, the cards reveal or cover up the effects of the cards below. The totals showing through give you your score.

To be successful in GLOOM MUNCHKIN, you must shepherd your party through terrible travails and troublesome tribulations until -- inevitably -- they perish in pain

Recommended for ages 13 to 105 years. 2 to 5 players. Average game time is 60 minutes.

BONUS Gold shimmer cloth, 6 x 10 inch, drawstring pouch. Great for storing game parts or game cards from this and/or other games.

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