Infinite City

$ 54.99

  • Who will take over the Infinite City? ...
  • 120 Tiles, 90 Tokens & Infinite Possibilities .....
  • A Tile Game of Infinite City Construction
  • AEG: Alderac Entertainment Group

A rich new world has opened up. Resources are plentiful, the economy is booming, and the capital city of this new world is expanding like never before! Even though many corporations scramble to stake a claim in the exploding prosperity, only one can claim ownership! Who will take over the Infinite City? ... Will you place the capital next to the port, claiming both as your own? Will you use the transit station to move another player's military base out of the way, or place your embassy to steal his temple? Will you try for a greater area under your control, or move to capture key buildings? ... Infinite City is a stand-alone tile game where players become the leaders of corporations building an ever-sprawling city, maneuvering to control the largest districts while holding on to the most valuable buildings.

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