Hull Breach: Corporate Wars

$ 40.00

The year is 2489. Mankind roams among the stars in ships that dwarf that first primitive vessel to land on Earth's moon. As humanity extends its reach across the galaxy, a gauntlet of mega-corporations compete for unmatched political and economic power. Those who dissent against the greed and corruption of the mega-corporations have fled to the frontier to form rebel factions and military force. You are the commander of your own space station. Choose your faction from among the mega-corporations or military forces and outfit your station with modules, fighters, cruisers, and crew. Play with a preconstructed deck or custom build your own to suit your playstyle. Will you dominate the economy, or overwhelm your opponent with sheer force? Sneak past their defenses and board their ships, or outsmart them with advanced tactics? The choice is yours in Hull Breach!

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