$ 24.99

  • Playing Time - 15 minutes
  • Number of Players - 3-6
  • Age - 6+
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.

FrankenDie is a fast-paced reflex party game for the whole family Combining the tactile nature of dice rolling the excitement of a first to buzz in mechanism and pattern recognition that is sure to exercise your brain FrankenDie will bring your party or game-night to life THEME You are a Mad Scientist competing to assemble a Creature from serviceable body parts scavenged from the graveyard. Once your Creature has a lightly used head body two arms two legs and the all-important brain its time to re-animate it with a charge of lightning and a cry of... Its Aliiiiiive GAME PLAY Players take turns rolling the dice and looking for a set to call out. For instance 3 Brains But all players are competing to call out a set AND be the first to place a hand on the graveyard. If youre successful you get to keep the body part you spotted. Assemble a full creature then call out a set of lightning to bring it to life Now this is no walk in the graveyard. No sir. Because when youre a mad scientist it can cost an arm and a leg to get a head. If you want to build the Creature of your dreams youll have to know when to make a mad dash to the graveyard and when to wait out your trigger-happy mistake prone colleagues. So get a head start and show your friends that your genius is beyond compare.Features. Playing Time - 15 minutes. Number of Players - 3-6. Age - 6

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