Firefly Keychain/ Pendant Necklace

$ 18.99


Wash was the pilot of Serenity, and a dang fine man. Sure, sometimes he dressed up as a pirate and dodged balls for sport, but that's ok. We all do silly things. And because we like silly or daring things, we're never quite sure where life is going to take us. That's part of the magic of Wash: he had control of the ship's direction, but also left a little of that control up to the wind. To celebrate one of Wash's most known quotes, we present you this Leaf on the Wind Keychain/Pendant.

Each Leaf on the Wind Keychain/Pendant comes with a bronze-finished metal leaf with a tiny Serenity (in pewter-finished metal) on it. You can use it as a keychain for your keys, or you can carefully remove the chain part (with tools we just know you own) and use it as a pendant, after attaching it to the included black cord necklace (or any other necklace you own). Remember Serenity, remember Wash, and remember that even if the wind blows you in multiple directions, you can always, ALWAYS soar.

Product Specifications

  • A tiny replica (the smallest ever, so far) of the good ship Serenity - on a leaf
  • Use it as a keychain or remove the keychain and wear it as a pendant (black cord necklace included)
  • The ship is made of pewter-finish metal and the leaf is made of bronze-finish metal
  • Dimensions:
    • Ship: approx. 0.625" from reactor to bridge
    • Leaf: approx. 1.9" long

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