Firefly Independents Flag Wallet

$ 19.99


There are certain things that come up when you travel the 'Verse looking for mischief. You're gonna have to show your fake ID on many occasions to the Purple Bellies or show your even faker ID to sneak into different establishments. And hopefully, at some point, you will actually earn some Credits with all your ventures. Keep your ID(s), important cards, and money in this shiny Firefly Browncoats Wallet.

Each Firefly Browncoats Wallet is made out of synthetic leather, harvest from only the finest synthetic cow plants. It has one bill area, 3 credit card slots, 1 clear ID slot, and two sideways slots (the type that go behind the credit card and ID slots). But the best part is the outside. The Firefly Browncoats Wallet is designed to look like the flag of the Independent Faction. When you pull it out, remember the Unification War and all those who were brave enough to stand up to the Alliance. The Firefly Browncoats Wallet - always know whose colors you're flyin'!

Product Specifications  

  • The perfect bi-fold wallet for Browncoats everywhere - patterned after the Independent's flag
  • Green exterior with yellow stripes and upside down blue star on the front (just green with yellow stripes on the back)
  • Yellow interior
  • Materials: Synthetic leather
  • Officially-licensed Firefly money holder
  • Features:
    • 1 Bill Area
    • 3 Credit Card Slots
    • 1 Clear ID Slot
    • 2 Sideways Slots
  • Dimensions: Standard wallet sized

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