$ 24.99

  • Perfect for family game night
  • A fresh light strategy game that's easy to play, and takes a lifetime to master
  • Easy for kids to play and learn and challenging enough for adults - fun for all
  • Balances skill and strategy with luck of the draw

Product Description

Goldbrick Games Strategy Games - Perpetual Commotion Card Game Expansion Pack - Black and White - Item: 910; From the Manufacturer; Perpetual Commotion is a fast and furious card game where players scramble to play the same colored cards in number order into the center arena. The more cards you play, the more points you score. There are no turns and all players are playing on the same stacks of cards. Cards flash, wrists flick, players flip! Can you get your cards out first? This game is endless commotion again and again.

From the Manufacturer

A fresh, light strategy game that's easy for kids to play and learn yet challenging enough for adults to enjoy. The goal is simple: make a path with your pieces from one side of the board to the other. Here’s the strategy – cards in your hand determine where you can move and in what ways, including blocking competitors or even removing their pieces. Perfect for family game night, CrossWays is fun for kids and parents. The path to victory is not always a straight line, but it's always fun.

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