Cosmic Karma Game

$ 38.00

  • Ages 13+, Players 2-4, Time 30-90 min
  • Strategy & Chance
  • Educational, Reflective, Humorous
  • Spiritual, Psychological, Karma

Editorial Review
Cosmic Karma Game puts the basic laws of karma into simple board game format. Game moves and cards illustrate karmic principles yet no specialized terms are used. Free will, cause and effect, personal responsibility, habits... all come to life. The game is a brilliant starter kit for anyone interested in learning more about karma.

Product Description
Enter the Earth Realm and begin collecting karma. Acquire intuition, logic, directional tools, and as many Free Will Cards as you can. Take control of your fate. The first player to eliminate all negative karma wins the game. This product is an absorbing game of chance and strategy that evokes numerous personal reflections and insights. The art work exudes levity and charm. The quality of the components is first class. This is an enchanting and provocative addition to any game collection.

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