Moving Right Along June 14, 2016 20:18

We got a new space! It's on Magnolia, it's nearly twice as big as this place, and it has just the nicest landlords a geek girl and her cats could ask for (the youngest son is even an Whovian).

Moving is never without it's problems. We knew the building was rough when we signed the lease. We didn't know just how rough until we peeled back the multiple layers. 

I don't believe that exit is going to be good in an emergency


If anyone is good with laying down vinyl composite tile, we need the help! We spent all of the kiva funds to pay for the 1st month and security deposit so there isn't a lot left over for materials. If anyone has any connections to buy tile, fixtures, or anything else.

Saying Goodbye to Main Street, part 2 May 19, 2016 14:07

I didn't expect there to be a part 2. I expected to be updating you all with a new location address after our micro loan was funded but... we aren't quite so far out of the woods yet. In this day and age of volatile business practices, land owners are less trusting than they used to be, going less on gut instinct and instead just solid numbers. I can't say I blame them, chances are, they've been burned before. But as a store that is getting stronger every month but still not rolling in dough, proposing less of a monthly rent in exchange for doing a great number of the necessary improvements to the property ourselves means they want to see the cash available to pay someone else to do those improvements.

I'm very fortunate to have a talented group of generous friends who have volunteered their time and energy into helping me out at the new space, but cash on hand to buy materials is not something I have here in the account, just sitting around. I have a business plan that was crafted with conservative numbers for what success we could be when we have a larger, more visible location, but that alone isn't enough to convince our potential future landlords that we are a safe choice as tenants. They want to see some capital.

So what am I asking? If you happen to have any Home Depot or Lowe's gift cards laying about the house that you aren't using, would you consider passing them on to us? We will use them to buy materials to redo the floors, insulate the ceiling, create the cat rescue room, paint the interior and put exterior lighting around the building for safety. We have been asked by many for a paypal link, and I'm afraid that would count as income on our taxes, and therefore be taxable income.

Home Depot gift cards can be purchased online, and are available here  the email address is donna @ geekyteas . com

 Thank you everyone for being so supportive of us. If there is a way for me to repay your kindness, just ask. I'm happy to do whatever is within my means.


P.S. If donating gift cards isn't your thing, some wonderful customers have donated items for us to eBay off to help raise money for this transition. The auctions are here and include signed items from Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Seth Gilliam, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Holland Roden, Seth Green, Sala Baker, Darren Criss, John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd.

Saying goodbye to Main St April 27, 2016 14:26

I've hidden a secret from you all, whispering only to a handful of trusted customers and confidants; I've been in a very abusive relationship for the past 4 1/2 years. Luckily, my husband has stood by me, holding my hand, calming me down, and helping me as much as he can, but the weekly onslaught has continued as far as it can and I've had enough. I had to tell our landlord Mister *** to stop harassing me. My peace of mind has been long gone here, beginning from month two, and going until now.

It began via phone calls about the property, off-handed remarks about dirty Italians (my last name is Ricci). I then told him I don't hear my phone because I place it on silent so often so to email all communication about the property, hoping this would keep our contact to a minimum. But no, emails to date have included about how we cannot allow immigrants into our borders because "They carry diseases our western medicine doctors have never seen before", about how people on assistance are "liars and thieves who don't really need it but have their hand out anyway", to why the Clintons and Obamas are "crooks and trying to write Muslum language into our constitution" when they aren't try to "take our guns", "news" stories, and his opinion on why I am uneducated and unqualified to vote without his guidance.

I snapped last week. I did. Now, I've politely asked him to stop emailing me about anything other than the property over 50 times (I've kept copies of it all), but this time, I let him have it. Colorfully even. I wasn't rude, or mean, but I was brutal. His response was a veiled threat about our current lease and the fact that we are now on month-to-month.

I've been looking at new locations for at least 2 years, after Mister *** has refused aide in keeping this property from flooding, leaking, or allowing me to install air conditioning. But now, I really have to go. I'm grateful for my time here, dipping my toe into running my own retail establishment in what felt like an easy transition. But now, the burden is too great. I have to get out. Problem is, I still have a business and cat rescue to run. 328 animals later, I don't want to stop helping them. And I kind of adore my customers.

After an extensive search, I have found a property on a main thoroughfare, with signage, air conditioning, and landlords who seem about as cool as any could (they asked if my TARDIS was bigger on the inside) and they support the cat rescue efforts and allow our craft faires to support independent crafters. But even if I got my security deposit back from this place, I would need it before I move to pay 1st and last months' rent, plus security on this new building, and be able to make it the cozy place you've come to know Geeky Teas and Games to be. 

So now you're up to speed on why I've looked tired at times, why my smile seemed forced, and why I've worn my stress across my shoulders like lead weights pulling them down. Walking on eggshells is an extremely exhausting way to live. I've been dealing with this as privately as an over-sharing introvert can.

I didn't want do another crowd funding. First of all, the culture of helping a business has changed, and kickstarter backers get into it more for what reward they can get and less about helping small businesses. Many of whom struggle with trying to make it while fulfilling those rewards. Secondly, I feel my customer base has already been so generous, I feel like asking again would be disrespectful to our previous backers.

Kiva is an organization I recently discovered, offering 0% loans from your community, and paying them back, with the hope that the same $25 will go on to help someone else after it's been returned, and then on and on, moving around and helping many people.

I hope that Geeky Teas or Clockwork Couture touched you in a way that makes you want to see us survive in our new form. To expand our community outreach, continue to help people play more, make new friends, destress, and maybe find a new furry family member. If so, please consider donating to our loan. The $25 goes a long way.

Here is a brief list of communities we serve at Geeky Teas and Games: game testing and development groups, social groups, writing workshops, teen writing groups, animal rescue, sewing classes, one warm coat collection, independent artist support, teen financial aide, music lessons, and more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Thank you

-Donna Ricci, Owner of Geeky Tea and Games, Inc

The Art of the TARDIS April 10, 2016 13:37

Twice a year, we pay tribute to our love of Doctor Who with a craft faire celebrating the unique talent of local artists. It's always a blast and surprises are found at each one.

It's always amazing to see the creativity shown by crafters and how they express their love for the big blue police box and those that travel within her.

Coverage has taken the form of the LA Weekly, the Burbank Leader, the Whovian Complex and adorable Linda Lee.

We hope you will join us on April 23rd, 2016 from 12-6pm for all the love that two hearts can muster and fill your tummy with the gooey wonder of the Grilled Cheese truck. When you're done, we'll have Jelly Babies and Jammie Dodgers in the shoppe.


Another #GNSGameNight November 30, 2015 14:49

Never let it be said that Geek & Sundry doesn't support it's game makers and the stores that sell them. Once again, they are allowing us to host a Game Night, Holiday style, on their dime. They are giving us new games for our library and items to give away in the effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome at the table.

I hope to see you here and at my tables, smiling, laughing, learning a new game or maybe just introducing others to one you know and love.

Thanks everyone

Geek and Sundry's Game Night October 15, 2015 17:25

Very excited to be play hosts to a new endeavor of Geek and Sundry's, a game night dedicated to spotlighting games and the wonderful game stores across the World who sell them. Watching this company grow up into the supportive powerhouse that it is, is awe-inspiring. I hope you can join us on October 21st where we will be playing Undead. Our game master is none other than Ivan himself.

Visit Us May 31, 2015 15:38

707 So. Main Street
Burbank, CA 91506