About Us

Geeky Teas, a nerd themed Tea & British Shoppe, is the place for gamer geeks to gather, Londoners to loiter, and tea lovers to throng to. Geeky Teas is also the proud founder of GeeKitties Cat Rescue - helping Los Angeles cats find their forever homes! 

Our Game Store

Want to play a game? We have over 400 boardgames! Looking for an opponent? Come to an open game night or join our Meet Up group. We are the friendliest game store in Southern California with customers to match. We host everything from game nights to live model drawing nights, craft faires, and meet & greets to writers workshops - even a Geeky cosplay or two. 

View our events calendar to see what happening this month!

Our Tea Shoppe

We love tea! We drink it, use it for beauty regimens, bathe in it, and even wear it!

Our tea technicians are happy to suggest teas based on your flavor preferences and caffeine needs. Unfortunately, we are not able to give advice on the medicinal properties of tea. But hey, if you're reading this, you have the internet (it knows all). 

We offer a large collection of GeekyTeas


 2120 West Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, California 91506

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